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Welcome to the AZ FLOOR CARE Website- Thanks for finding us. We are proud to be the Company which pioneered the ‘TILE FLOOR MAKEOVER’ – designed to make your floor look new again or- in some cases- better than new!

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If you have found this page you may be like thousands of our customers over 15 years whose tile and grout has become dirty or soiled. The tiles may still look OK but the light grout which used to complement the tiles now looks like brown or black ‘picture frames’ around each tile. This is very common and is the result of normal, Arizona living. Over time the dust on the floor works its way into the pores of the grout and when mixed with moisture it slightly stains the grout. As this process continues over the years the grout gradually darkens (especially in the kitchen and high traffic areas). You mop and scrub without much success and eventually it bothers you enough to find us. Thank you. We are glad to help you.

Our ‘makeover’ solution for this is to clean the floor as well as possible and get off whatever will come off. We do this by scrubbing your floor with buffers and special pads and brushes. We follow this cleaning by re-staining the grout back to its original (or a different) color by using a toothbrush- on our hands and knees. At the same time we use a same-colored caulk to fill any hairline cracks in the grout at the baseboards or door thresholds. The result is a floor which looks like it did when it was laid.

For the makeover that’s right for you and your floor please click on the type of floor you have.

  • Ceramic/Porcelain
  • Travertine/Marble
  • Saltillo/Mexican
Ceramic Porcelain Tile

This man-made tile is typically 12-20” square, is laid on concrete, and has grout between the tiles - called grout joints. Many tiles are not perfectly flat and smooth - but rather have a texture which gives them some depth and ‘character’. The objective during the cleaning process is not necessarily to get the floor back to its original appearance-because it can’t be done. The grout in some areas has been stained and simply will not come clean...

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Travertine Marble Tile

These are natural stones in the calcium carbonate family along with limestone and a few others. These floors can be cleaned and the grout stained (see above), they can be honed (to take out scratches and etches-caused by acidic spills), and they can be polished to give them shine and luster. Additionally they require sealing to provide a line of defense against staining and etching...

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Saltillo Mexican Tile

Saltillo tile or ‘Mexican tile’ has been the choice for Arizona homeowners for many years. Properly maintained its natural beauty will last indefinitely. This ‘family of natural clay’ tiles isn’t manufactured with a protective glaze like ceramic or porcelain. The surface or ‘patina’ of each tile is soft and very susceptible to scratching or staining.

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