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FAQ / Pricing

Question #1

How much will this cost?

Answer #1

For most jobs it will be somewhere between $.75-2.00 per square foot. There are numerous variables (tile type, square footage, degree of restoration, etc.) which go into the final cost of your job.

All floor care is not the same. The work we do- and the results we deliver- are a world apart from anything the 3 rooms/$89 or the $25/sf companies are doing.

Question #2

Why do you stain the grout? Can’t you just clean it better?

Answer #2

Grout gets stained and soiled and the microscopic pores become permanently discolored. It is possible to acid wash the grout but this tends to ‘wash out’ the color in the grout. After years of trying every possible method for delivering the best result we’ve perfected a cleaning and staining combo which truly makes the floor look brand new.

One way to think about this is to think about the painted walls in your home. After 5 or 10 years they generally could use a new coat of paint even though you keep a clean house. And of course no one is walking on the walls. So the solution for your floor is to over-stain the grout with the original (or a new) color.

Question #3

What should we know about AZ Floor Care that we wouldn’t generally think to ask?

Answer #3

Since 2001 and as the result of cleaning 1000s of floors we have delivered 1000s of beautiful floors and we have made some mistakes. We have learned from every mistake and have fixed every problem. This doesn’t make us perfect but it does make us experienced and humble.

We are grateful for every piece of business we get. Thanks for considering us.

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